Many individuals love the clean lines and dark subtle colors of modern furniture. It’s very easy to clean, and the home or apartment has a wide open, free feeling to it. Most people like the fact that it makes the most out of the smallest of spaces, including wall beds that tuck completely out of sight. This type of furniture is in a league of its own, but with a touch of Italy that’s easy to see. It’s not the standard, traditional kind, or a plaid Pioneer type of furniture.

It’s a gorgeously bright furniture that is proudly stamped with the words “Made in the USA.” It’s custom modern furniture made by a company named my doors. Customers from the surrounding areas of Miami, Florida visit the showroom in Miami every day to have company designers custom design the furniture they’ve been dreaming of for years. All anyone, including professionals, have to do is simply walk in, and they’re treated like friends of the family. The showroom is loaded with various types of drawer fronts and cabinetry, color schemes of wall boards, built-in bathtubs, beds and televisions.

Individuals interested in a completely different look can also log on to where they’ll receive an online view of the showroom. They can read testimonials of satisfied customers by clicking on the “Happy Customers” link at the bottom of the website. Something very interesting on the website is information on the wall beds that are so attractively set inside the wall saving much space in a home or apartment. Once placed back into the wall, the room resumes its airy feeling.

The company designs furniture with an open-mindedness, without clutter, and with soothingly smooth lines. Its a custom furniture design that’s specially created for each homeowner and seen in the most exclusive homes. Kitchens are free flowing and formal looking, and offer an appeal to every homeowner who enjoys a modern look. Lots of storage space, beautiful wall coverings and a wide use of mirrors throughout each room offers a feeling of peace within. Remember, what each person is seeing in the showroom is a view into another’s thoughts. Every customer will speak to a designer, and together, a custom design for their own furniture will be found.

The first thing anyone should do is fill out the form asking for a free consultation. From there, ask for the newsletter and email promotions the company has going on throughout each month. The company calls customers back and sets up a convenient time for them to speak to a designer about the type of furniture they have in mind.